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UTA Accident Prompts Look into Pedestrian Safety

June 3, 2014 — by Mark T. Flickinger, JD

A recent accident with a TRAX train has prompted the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to take a closer look at pedestrian safety and at what threats non-motorists face on the state's roadways and how they can stay safe. This June, teenager Shariah Casper was killed while walking across a TRAX road crossing. She waited for the eastbound train to pass, but stepped out in front of the westbound train, which Shariah could not see due to a 12-foot sound barrier wall. Although gates and lights were working at the intersection, neither was in place where Shariah was crossing. This tragic accident has prompted the UTA to examine the pedestrian safety issues at its railroad crossings and come up with solutions that will keep pedestrians from danger. UTA General Manager Michael Allegra wishes to be a leader in such efforts, and would like to partner with state and federal safety agencies to improve Utah's pedestrian railroad crossings. Unfortunately, railroad crossings are not the o

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