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Utah legislator intends to reintroduce distracted driving bill

October 12, 2014 — by Mark T. Flickinger, JD

A legislator in Utah has plans to introduce a bill in the next year that would allow drivers talk on their cellphone behind the wheel. A legislator in Utah wants to reintroduce a bill next year that would allow drivers in the state to have greater access to their phones as they drive, states Fox 13. The state representative says he intends to do this because even though legislation is in place to prevent drivers from using their cellphones, people still text and talk using a handheld device while they're on the road anyway. If this bill is passed, drivers would be allowed to answer their phone and talk on it with the device held up to their ear as their vehicle is in motion. They would also be allowed to dial phone numbers. However, texting and driving would still be prohibited. Does the existing distracted driving law actually work? According to Fox 13, one of the reasons why this legislator wants to reintroduce this bill is because no evidence currently exists that pr

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