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Pedestrian Accidents: When Walking Becomes Dangerous

July 14, 2013 — by Mark T. Flickinger, JD

Salt Lake City officials plan on installing a traffic light at one particularly dangerous intersection in the city. According to ABC 4, residents in the neighborhood surrounding the intersection have complained to officials about the dangers posed to pedestrians trying to cross the street; many telling the news channel about the near misses with speeding vehicles they or loved ones have experienced while using the crosswalk at the intersection. The city plans on having the traffic light installed at the intersection by the end of the summer of 2012. Too Late? The installation of the traffic light at this intersection is too late for a local mother (Natalie Randall) and daughter (Ambrosia Amalatitoda), however. In March 2012, the two were hit while crossing the street in the crosswalk. Both were rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. The Desert News reports that witnesses saw two cars stop for the mother and daughter, but a third car failed to stop and actually swerved

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