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Feds Propose Next Step in Fight Against Distracted Driving

June 21, 2012 — by Mark T. Flickinger, JD

In mid-February 2011, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced the next move the federal government will take in its fight against distracted driving: technology that limits drivers' ability to become distracted by electronic devices like cell phones and navigation systems. Talking about the moves his agency has made to fight distracted driving and related motor vehicle accidents, Secretary LaHood was quoted by Thomson Reuters as saying: Distracted driving is a dangerous and deadly habit on America's roadways - that's why I've made it a priority to encourage people to stay focused behind the wheel. The proposed guidelines would ask automobile manufactures to install technology that disable drivers' ability to send or receive text messages, browse the Internet, access social media such as Twitter and Facebook, dial 10-digit phone numbers, and enter information into global positioning systems (GPS) or navigation systems. This proposed regulation only

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