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Handling Uninsured Motorists On and Off the Road in Utah

October 16, 2012 — by Mark T. Flickinger, JD

It is impossible for Utah drivers to identify who is an uninsured motorist while on the road, so handling vehicles safely and driving defensively is a must. However, when car accidents involving uninsured drivers do occur, it is difficult to know how to best handle the situation. While there are penalties for driving without insurance in Utah, insured drivers have little recourse. However, with the help of attorneys experienced in personal injury claims against uninsured motorists, insured auto accident victims in Utah may still receive compensation. State of the Uninsured Even though almost every state in the U.S., including Utah, requires that drivers carry automobile insurance, many motorists drive without it. When car accidents involve persons who are uninsured, this puts a financial burden on insured motorists and their carriers, especially when plans do not include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. It also creates problems for the uninsured, who may face stiff penal

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