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Recreational vehicles, or motorhomes, are known for their versatility. For some, an RV is a means of vacationing. For others, it is a full-time home. Regardless of how often and for what purpose you use it, you need to be especially cognizant of safety when you drive an RV. Because they are massive vehicles, these types of accidents can result in catastrophic injuries. If you have been in an accident, an RV accident attorney at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton in Provo, UT, can help. For almost a quarter century, we have helped accident victims receive the compensation they deserve in a variety of personal injury cases. Contact the firm using our online form or call (801) 370-0505 to schedule a consultation.

An RV driving down a highway in the desert

The sheer size of RVs means accidents can lead to an array of serious injuries.

Why RV Accidents Happen

With nearly nine million American families in ownership of an RV, their popularity is undeniable. Unfortunately, like any other vehicle, they wind up in accidents. Due to their massive size, these accidents can be devastating. Why do they happen?

Blind Spots

RVs have significant blind spots along each side of the vehicle that prevent the driver from seeing other cars. If an RV driver changes lanes while another car is hidden in their blind spot, a disastrous accident could occur.

Inexperienced Drivers

Because so many RVs are taken out for vacations and not driven on a regular basis, it is difficult to gain the experience necessary to expertly navigate the vehicle. Some families rent an RV for a trip without realizing just how difficult they are to operate.


No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, it is important not to tailgate. However, this is especially important when operating an RV due to the fact it weighs significantly more than your average car. Because of that weight, it is harder to stop. Allowing extra room provides time to react that could make all the difference.

For almost a quarter century, our attorneys have helped accident victims receive the compensation they deserve in personal injury cases.

Preventing RV Accidents

The prospect of operating such a large vehicle can be daunting. It is important that drivers take precautionary measures to reduce the likelihood of an accident, such as:

  • Allow extra room to turn – The turning radius of an RV is wider than that of a car or truck, so the driver will need to allow extra room and approach all turns with caution.
  • Leave room to brake – Stopping on short notice can be especially difficult with an RV due to its weight. Drivers should leave ample room between the RV and the vehicle in front.
  • Watch for clearance – Because RVs are tall, it is important that operators keep in mind its height when approaching tunnels, gas stations, and restaurants. 
  • Exercise caution in wind gusts – Even an RV can lose control in a powerful wind gust. If drivers encounter one, they should pull over and wait for it to pass, or drive slowly until they can safely find an area to stop.
  • Maintain your RV – Like any other vehicle, it is imperative that owners have RVs inspected to avoid catastrophic mechanical failures.

Compensation for Your Injuries

RV accidents can lead to an array of serious injuries. If you are a victim in an RV accident, you may wind up receiving damages for:

  • Medical expenses – This compensation is designed to cover medical expenses you have already incurred, such as ambulance transportation, emergency room visits, and emergency surgeries.
  • Future medical expenses – Medical expenses you will be faced with moving forward include doctor and therapist visits, rehabilitation, and medications.
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity – If your injury prevents you from going to work for any period of time, you can pursue appropriate compensation.
  • Pain and suffering – The emotional impacts of an accident, such as anxiety, depression, grief, anger, and distress, have a serious impact on victims.

Reach Out to Our Firm

With over a half century of combined experience, our accomplished team of personal injury attorneys at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton have the attention to detail necessary to secure the best possible outcome in your case. If you were injured in an RV accident on account of another driver’s negligence, visit us online or call (801) 370-0505 today to schedule a consultation.

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