About Zeb Weeks

Zebuhm Weeks comes to the firm with a long and interesting academic past. He has the dubious distinction of being the only person he has ever known who was a professor at all three BYUs (BYU, BYU-Idaho, and BYU-Hawaii). Although he loved teaching Latin, Greek, History, Classics, English, Comparative Literature, Humanities, and Religion, his heart was always in the law. Learning this about himself was a gradual discovery. When he taught English, without a second thought he would assign his students to read the great lawyers Edmund Burke, and the Earl of Clarendon, and when he taught Classics, he would of course assign Cicero, Seneca the Elder, Cato, Tacitus and other rhetors and lawyers. He realized that the law was in everything he did, in every author he esteemed. So he decided to do what he really loved-the law. 

And as a Classicist it makes perfect sense that Zeb practice the type of law that is the most ancient-personal injury. Before the state took control of the most serious crimes-what we now call criminal law-personal injury ( or tort law) was the way in which most ancient societies remedied wrongs committed by one person against another. Now that the state has usurped much of personal injury's domain, what is left are accidents to individuals usually committed by the negligence of another person, and most often covered by insurance companies. However, the ancient code of talionic justice is alive and well, and Zeb, with all of his ancient learning, loves to practice it and help those that deserve compensation.

With all that being said, in the end, it comes down to one simple thing for Zeb. What he really loves to do is to help people. And he really loves his job because he really does help people. He has seen firsthand what will happen to you if you do not hire the right lawyer, and he works to be the right lawyer. If you hire Zeb you are hiring a lawyer who will work his hardest to get the best outcome for you. We guarantee you that you will be very happy with Zeb as your lawyer, as all of his clients will attest. 

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